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Filling in the short form below will instantly give you a set of estimates for an Arboriculturalist Report (Tree Survey) relating to your property.  This set of prices will come directly from Arboriculturalists who cover the local area.  You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less than a second.  You can then contact them directly and compare prices and service.  Should you wish to place an order you would deal with them directly.  There is no middle man.

If you have difficulty filling in the form or if you need help, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

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We will provide you with a multiple list of suppliers who cover your area. In addition to providing their full contact details, where possible we will also provide a list of initial estimates. This information is given instantly in your web browser. You will then be able to contact any of these suppliers directly. In addition we will forward your contact details to each of these suppliers so that they can contact you directly should they wish to. If you do not want to give your phone number please enter 0000 into the telephone number field.

Please note that although we forward your contact details to each supplier who covers your area, your details are not provided to any other third parties. You will receive a feedback email from us, in approximately three weeks time, but after that we will not use your contact details again.

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Feedback on our Aboriculturists

Here is some of the feedback we have received on the Aboriculturists listed on our Website:

I know the website well so it was a logical place for me to look for a local Arboriculturist.  I used Dart Tree Consultancy. Stewart of Dart Tree Consultancy contacted us very quickly.  He was the only supplier who did but as he was local this wasn't a problem.  He came out to the house very quickly and his report was comprehensive.  We will be using his services again in the future.
Alison, Torquay, Devon

I contacted two of the tree companies that came up and Mr P wilkins of the Ruskins Consultancy contacted me, via email, the next day. We spoke on the phone the next day and Mr Wilkins dealt with all details with the estate agents, then kept me in the loop via email/phone. All details were dealt within three days and the report was sent to me within the five days of first making contact with Mr Wilkins. Payment was as listed on your website of 225.00, paid directly into The Ruskins Consultancy account.
I have to say that he was brilliant and I have kept his details on file for any future ref, either for myself or family and friends. Also thank you for your website and its easy usage.
Sonia, Watford

I received quotes immediately on my query for an Arborculturist report. I went with Peter Wilkins from Ruskins Group ConsultancyI found him to be competitive, prompt and extremely efficient in both doing the survey and completing the report. Thank you!!I will be using your website in the future - it certainly saves me from 'trawling' the net and gives me peace of mind that the services are from a reputable and recommended source. Teresa, Whitstable, Kent

I used Devon Tree Services found through your website.  Very efficient service by your site and the surveyor. Regards David, nr Exeter, Devon

The website was easy to use, results in 2 minutes which was accurate and allowed us to choose the supplier easiest (and most importantly cheapest). I used MWA Arboriculture Ltd.  They were excellent - did survey on 12/15 hours notice and the completed report was with us within one working day of payment. Made a massive difference as the original surveyors report was massively flawed!!  Stephen, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne