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Filling in the short form below will instantly give you a set of estimates for an Asbestos Survey on your property.This set of prices will come directly from Surveyors who cover the local area. You will also be provided with their full contact details, all within less than a second. You can then contact them directly and compare prices and service. Should you wish to place an order you would deal with them directly. There is no middle man.

If you have difficulty filling in the form or if you need help, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

Filling in the short form below will instantly give you a set of estimates for an Asbestos Survey on your property.

If you have difficulty filling in the form or if you need help, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

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We will provide you with a multiple list of suppliers who cover your area. In addition to providing their full contact details, where possible we will also provide a list of initial estimates. This information is given instantly in your web browser. You will then be able to contact any of these suppliers directly. In addition we will forward your contact details to each of these suppliers so that they can contact you directly should they wish to. If you do not want to give your phone number please enter 0000 into the telephone number field.

Please note that although we forward your contact details to each supplier who covers your area, your details are not provided to any other third parties. You will receive a feedback email from us, in approximately three weeks time, but after that we will not use your contact details again.

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Feedback on Asbestos Surveyors

We ask all of our Customers to give us feedback on the website and on their chosen Suppliers. Here are some of their comments:

Hi, i have had a survey done by hurst solutions and i was happy with the surveyor and your website, many thanks! Sandra, Cowbridge near Cardiff

The website work fine. I chose D J Surveying who carried out the work to my satisfaction. I can recommend D J Surveying. Dale delivered good survey work, provided clear report and responded promptly to my queries. R England, St Helens, Merseyside

The website worked well. I used MAMco. The work has been carried out and I am satisfied with the result - a very efficient service by both you and the contractor, at less than a third of the price previously quoted by another contractor. Many thanks. Colin, Bridgend, Wales

I used the website on my mobile and due to bad signal the final page failed to load after I submitted all my information. Thinking that I would have to fill it in again I was surprised when I received the first phone call from a supplier, Alverprise Limited. They provided a lower quote than stated on the website and provided a clear terms and conditions and information prior to order confirmation. They were also able to mobilize within a few days. On the day of the inspection he was quick and efficient and quickly covered the whole house covering all rooms and all spaces even in the loft and at high level. All samples were included in the price with no additional charges The report was sent quickly with the invoice after the inspection and the report was well detailed with plenty of photos and floor plans. I would highly recommend their services Robert, Abingdon, Oxford

A very good tool to find local contractors. I used Asbestos Surveys & Advice. They were prompt and efficient, returning results within 7 days Stewart, Aberdeen

The website was easy to use and provided a number of companies to choose from. We used Mr. K.A.S. Pearce of Nova Environmental for an Asbestos survey.   The survey was carried out in a very short period of time, satisfactorily and at reasonable cost. We will be using them again in the next few days  We had an EPC done through your site as well. Francis, Sutton, Surrey

I very much appreciated the swift and professional response to my enquiry. Information provided in website was very helpful and the set up was easy to use. I used THC Services Ltd.  His response to my enquiry was both professional and efficient, Mr Cross got the whole process and job satisfactorily completed within one week. Joseph, Romford, Essex