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If you have difficulty filling in the form or if you need help, please call us on 0800 0147 453.

Filling in the form underneath will instantly give you a set of estimates to investigate and unblock the drains on your property. You can then call the suppliers directly.

If you need help filling in the form or if you have any other questions please call us on 0800 0147 453.

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We will provide you with a multiple list of suppliers who cover your area. In addition to providing their full contact details, where possible we will also provide a list of initial estimates. This information is given instantly in your web browser. You will then be able to contact any of these suppliers directly. In addition we will forward your contact details to each of these suppliers so that they can contact you directly should they wish to. If you do not want to give your phone number please enter 0000 into the telephone number field.

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What do our Customers think?

We ask everyone who uses this website to let us know what they think about the website and any Supplier they use.  Here are some of the comments about the Drainage Contractors listed:

In response to your request for feedback, I was very pleased with your service. Shortly after i received your recommendations I was telephoned by Lords of the Drains and they were able to come to the apartment the next day. They were on time and in half an hour the drain between the kitchen and the bathroom was cleared.
Regards Jeanette, Abbots Leigh, Somerset

The website worked well. I decided to use the cheapest - 24/7 Drainage Solutions Limited. The work has been carried out and was satisfactory. B Jones, Southsea, Hampshire

The system worked well and I had responses from three people.
This was reduced to just one when the job was fully understood - we needed a vehicle with the ability to suck the water and debris out of the drains and it was not easy? to specify this on the site perhaps?
UKDN Waterflow did the job and I was well pleased with the service.
A Wills, Slough, Berkshire

Website was very helpful.
In the end I went with Metro Rod and they were great. Job sorted in no time.
C Davis, Eyemouth, Scottish Borders

Excellent service - AAAukdrainage responded within minutes to my request for information. They arrived spot on time and I was extremely satisfied with the service received. The web site worked, the service was good, all first class in my opinion. Regards, Jonathan, Hunmanby, Yorkshire

The web site worked well and I used AAAuk Drainage who provided a good, efficient service. John, Leeds, Yorkshire

The web site was very good - clear and easy to use.  I used Chris Armstrong.  He was brilliant.  Arrived early, did an excellent job quickly and left no mess etc. - helpful advice too on a couple of other points.  Use this supplier - I strongly recommend him. Mike, Willenhall, West Midlands

I found North West Plumbing and Drainage Specialists to be extremely professional with excellent customer service.  I was very happy with the service they provided and they even cleaned the back garden down for me when they had completed the job.  I would happily recommend anyone who wants a professional service at a great price to use North West Plumbing. Sue, St Helens, Merseyside

We used Lord of the Drains. They provided a good service and arrived on time when they said, did a good job, cleaned up well and charged what was quoted.  I would recommend this company to anyone. Maurice, Bridgewater, Somerset